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A Guide to Avoiding Parking Tickets

Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time and got a parking ticket? Probably everyone was in that situation at a certain point. It’s not the end of the world if you got a parking ticket once, but you should learn how to avoid this unpleasant situation by reading the tips presented in this guide. Most people are not aware of the parking rules, signs and spots in their area, and that’s the main cause of getting parking tickets so often. Here is what everyone should know about parking to say goodbye to tickets:

Know the rules

The first step is to get documented about the rules in your area. Parking rules are different from one region to another, and you might be surprised by all the existent exceptions once you read the law. The lack of awareness regarding parking rules is the main reason behind getting a parking ticket. In most countries, these are the rules:

  • Drivers must not park across a driveway or a footpath
  • Traffic islands are not for parking, nor median strips
  • Motor and clearways should be free at all times
  • Cars can’t be parked across a bus stop or between the bus stop and the bus zone
  • Parking is not allowed in intersections and slip lanes
  • Parking is also not allowed near intersections that are guided by traffic lights
  • If a car is already parked, you can’t park at less than 1 meter from it (angle parking is an exception)
  • Cars can’t park near pedestrian crossings

Keep in mind that these are some basic parking rules that apply in most countries and regions, but there are always variations and exceptions that must be studied before going in traffic.

Research the location

Secondly, you should get informed about the legal parking spaces in your area. Since you may frequently drive in a specific location, it is worth to research the place and see where you can park and where you shouldn’t. In order to find the best parking spot, you need to look for spaces that are dedicated to car parking. This is the safest method you can choose, and it will keep you away from a parking ticket for sure. You might have to pay for the best parking spots, but the benefits outrun the costs.


You will always stumble upon exceptions, some which may spare you from getting a parking ticket and others which may cause you to get one. You are able to appeal a parking ticket if you find yourself in one of these conditions: the signs placed in the area are not visible, your car broke down and you had to park somewhere to avoid blocking the road, the ticket machine did not work, nor any other machine in the area and similar cases. Even though these exceptions exist, you must not rely on them entirely. Instead, follow the rules strictly and pay great attention to the signs and regulations in the respective area. In clear lots that are specially purposed for parking, you shouldn’t be worried about getting a ticket.


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