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7 Chat Tools For Small Business

7 Chat Tools For Small Business

To surplus your sales and to establish the organization as an authoritative entity you need to put all the ducks in a row.  A business involves many challenging areas like tea coordination and assigning of tasks while tracking the records and dealing with customers. To ease down your struggle and to streamline the process using best techniques you can go for downloading top tools and apps. Check the list of some prominent tools for small businesses summarized by a reputable Software Development Company in London below:


7 Chat Tools For Small Business

Being an excellent collaboration tool it allows instant messaging, file sharing, group chat rooms, video conferencing and screen sharing. The HipChat involves multiple third-party chats including Facebook, Salesforce, Dropbox, and Google Apps.  To download the app you can either get it straight from its website or install the platform at additional cost.


7 Chat Tools For Small Business

A professional tool facilitates small businesses with a robust set of chat tools. Slack allows one-on-one and comprehensive group chats. Moreover, it allows video and audio conferencing. It is a comprehensive tool, which enables to download, share and upload files on Google Drive, Dropbox or any file sharing system. It also allows users to synchronize and optimize their dealings using hashtags.


7 Chat Tools For Small Business

Stride is a communication tool having many features exactly same as those of HipChat. It provides natively added video meetings and audio clips. It involves decision tracking tools, task assignment, and a notification tab to notify users about an important task. The free version of Stride allows limited messages history and storage capacity of documents. To get the aces of the complete version you have to purchase it at $3 per month.

Microsoft Teams

7 Chat Tools For Small Business

It is a software, which connects you with the office 365 subscription, which is considered as a giant and productive service tool. Its chat-based workspace enables real-time collaboration. The app includes notes, Planner, Power BI, meetings, and chats.


7 Chat Tools For Small Business

It facilitates teams to establish flawless and efficient collaboration. Flowdock provides one-on-one and group chats to users. Moreover, among its key features organizing emails and project management are also included. It is highly accessible over Windows, MacOS app and Android Devices.


7 Chat Tools For Small Business

Campfire is a web-based tool, which eliminates the hassle of downloading chat rooms or tools. It provides fast and instant access to any windows or Mac business software. Over the web, you have to create a password-protected chat room and invite your mates to chat. There is an option of file sharing, downloading and uploading including file types like PNG, word, PowerPoint and many others.

Google Hangouts

7 Chat Tools For Small Business

Hangout was initially a simple consumer-chat room but Google collaborated to transform it into a business powerhouse.

Hangouts chats provide group chat rooms, one-on-one chats, threaded messages and a full environment to establishing business collaboration. You can operate project management by assigning a password and particular files to a team. The Hangout Meet provide access to video conferences as well. It is a perfect tool for large scale business conferences.

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