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How To Safely Transport Company Hardware During Your Next Move

Interestingly, most small and large businesses invest heavily in hardware like IT infrastructure, but when it comes to relocating to a new business location, they hire the cheapest relocation services. Having such a tendency can be very damaging to the business’s entire brand image, especially if it incurs substantial losses through lost data or damaged hardware. When choosing the right relocation services, you ought to be as vigilant as you were when buying the equipment. Here are some of the considerations that you should make when preparing for your next move:


Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the right insurance cover to protect their IT hardware in case of damages when relocating. Therefore it’s prudent to ensure that the relocation company that you choose has the right insurance coverage plan.

The right tools for relocation

Ensure that the company that you choose has sturdy travel cases that can protect your fragile server racks and sensitive IT hardware from breakages and any potential damages. The relocation company should also have air-static flight cases. Some of the other recommended relocation equipment includes stair-walkers to relocate your server racks, protective flooring, and specialist packaging materials.


Ensure that you eliminate any complexities when it comes to the racking of your hardware. You should also make certain that the relocation company provides pre-patch services at the delivery site. Once you hire a service provider, you shouldn’t deal with any other kind of internal and external moving teams.

Experienced teams

A specialist relocation company has a team of experts who have undergone some training on how to safely pack and unpack sensitive IT hardware. Make sure the company is licensed and bonded before you sign any contract. Avoid any random handymen in the neighborhood who are masquerading as professional movers. You ought to conduct some background research to be sure that you’re hiring reputable experts.


If you’re moving expensive IT equipment, you should make sure the relocation company has an allowance for hiring extra security personnel. That is if the hardware is not insured against theft. When looking out for secure options, check out for: security clearance, dedicated services whereby the company doesn’t transport your hardware together with another business’s hardware, and GPS tracking.

It’s important to consider specialized IT hardware relocation companies that have the right experience and expertise in handling IT hardware. Not all general moving companies have the right tools and expertise to move expensive and sensitive IT hardware.


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