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Malaysian Shopping: TOP 14 Tax-Free Shops In Langkawi

You can ask someone for their reasons to visit Langkawi. The most of tourists prefer beautiful beaches. Others like shopping. Why? Malaysian government made the island free from taxes since 1986. There are no many islands in the world, where you can get not only exiting leisure, but free tax shopping. Nevertheless, there are few moments that you have to consider.

First of all, free tax is not the reason for all shops to offer their goods for tax-free sale. Tax-free trading is available just in the specialized shops and trade centers. Of course, the hot trade is available in Kuah – commercial center of Langkawi. It is better to hire a car in Langkawi and go hunting for tax-free trading.

Secondly, not everyone tax-free shop is cheap. For example, Jetty Point Shopping Complex offers goods for high prices. The situation is difficult in the airport. The prices are really high there, higher than in the other shops of the island.

Pulau Langkawi


Popular Tax-Free Trade Centers and Shops

Langkawi Parade Megamall

This big trade center has 60 shops, supermarket, 12 restaurants, modern cheap hotel, cinema, big parking.  The trade center is situated close to the popular hotel Grand Continental Hotel in Kuah. The shops have a big choice of liquors, wines, Scottish whiskey, brandy, cognacs, beer, chocolates. There is a shop of Cuban cigars for cheap. The stores for kids sell different clothes, accessories, toys.

Oriental Village

The village is attractive for visiting for shopping. The shop looks like huge trade center full of different shops specialized in many sorts of goods, including souvenirs, presents, clothes, sun glasses, hand-made goods and many others. There are also tax-free shops to sell perfumery, cigarettes, alcohol.

Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall

This is the oldest trade center in Kuah. It numbers about 100 shops in trade of different kinds of goods, including candies, perfumery, clothes, jewelry and many other things. There are also many fast-food restaurants, including McDonalds. Of course, the big part of shops is tax-free. You should look for them first.

Jetty Point Shopping Complex

This two-stored modern trade complex is situated in Kuah Jetty. This is a favorable place to buy jewelry, chocolate, watches, souvenirs, sunglasses, electronics, alcohol drinks, clothes. The prices here are the highest in the city. Jetty Point Shopping Complex is comfortable trade center for all, who is going to leave the island and want to buy a couple of souvenirs to remember.

Samudra Duty Free

This modern supermarket and trade center offers a wide range of goods: clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, toys, food, alcohol. Samudra Duty Free is traditionally situated in Kuah, Langkawi.

Jetty Point, Langkawi - Malaysia


The Zon and Coco Valley

These two shops offer wide opportunities for tax-free shopping in Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah. The Zon is especially good for cheap alcohol and tobacco. You can also buy candies, perfumery, cosmetics, electronics. Coco Valley has a reputation of good place for buying chocolates and other sweets. The shops are situated close to each other on the territory of the Underwater World Aquarium Complex.

Cuban Attitude

As you can see for the name of this shop, it boasts with the wide choice of cigars and cigarettes. There is a sweet aroma everywhere in the shop.

Night Market

The night market Pasar Malam welcomes visitors every night in different places of an island. The entrepreneurs trade with their clothes, souvenirs, watches, glasses, wallets, bags, T-shirts and other popular goods that are not really interesting for tourists as they are low quality. What is so interesting for tourists in this place? You have a unique opportunity to try different kinds of Malay dishes. The hot street food you can eat on the go or take with you. The locals like coming here to buy something for dinner.

Is it possible to know beforehand where the market takes place this night? Everything is simple, it is better to ask locals about Pasar Malam. The night market starts at 7 p.m. till 10 p.m.

Craft centers and Shops

Langkawi Craft Complex

This huge trade complex offers to your attention many interesting souvenirs and hand-craft goods. It can be something made of wood, paper, silver, ceramics and other. The entrance is free. Working hours are every day from 10 in the morning till 6 in the evening. Langkawi Craft Complex is situated not far from the Black Sand Beach in the North from Langkawi. It is 21 kilometer far from Kuah. Of course, it is better to come here by taxi or rental car.

GRANDMOTHER'S PERANAKAN BROOCH • Jeweler Shows How to Make • George Town • MALAYSIA-13


Faizy Crystal Glass Blowing Studio

This craft shop is specialized in glassy goods. You can visit free demonstration of making glassy elements or buy something interesting. If something attracts you, never miss it. The entrance is free. Working hours start from 9.30 in the morning till 5 in the evening. Friday and national holidays are days of.

Atma Alam Batik Art Village

This complex attracts visitors with the variety of batik clothes, ceramics and other hand-craft goods. The working hours are 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. The entrance is traditionally free. Atma Alam Batik Art Village is situated 2 kilometers driving from the airport in Padang Matsirat city.

Langkawi Crystal

Meet the next interesting trade center in Langkawi, where all goods are made with hands. Of course, it is all about crystal goods. The center is situated several kilometers to the North from Kuah. The entrance is free. The center works from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening.



De’Zone Craft Center

This huge craft center offers a wide choice of art masterpieces, silver accessories, tinware, golden jewelry, antique goods. You can see many interesting goods situated on the shelves, benches and tables. The center works every day from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.

Sunflower Handicraft Shop

This craft gallery contains many exclusive goods from Asia: wooden statues, silver goods, sculptures. The gallery works every day from 3 p.m till midnight. It is situated close to the popular city cafe Sun Cafe on the beach Pantai Tengah. This is a unique combination of interesting shopping and admirable dinner.


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