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The Most Advantageous Vacation Packages For The Australian Open 2018

The Most Advantageous Vacation Packages For The Australian Open 2018

A Detailed List of the Best Accommodation at the Upcoming Australian Tennis Open 2018

The 2017 edition of the Australian Tennis Open broke all precedent records in matters of attendance. It was the first edition in history to register 503,382 attending fans and this only in the first week. After the memorable men’s single finals, where Roger Federer managed a categorical win against Rafael Nadal the total attendance rate of the tournament had reached a historical first 728,763.

Considering the quality of the 2017 edition, the organizers are anticipating an equal or even higher turnover for the 2018 edition, which will once again take place in Melbourne, Australia, between the 15th and 28th of January. As most tennis fans worldwide are already aware, the Grand Slam Tours will be the official operator of the tour, offering the finest and best seats as well as the most select accommodation. Courtside seating for both the Margaret Court and the Rod Laver Arenas are guaranteed to offer a truly memorable and remarkable tennis experience. And now that everybody received the answer to when does the Australian Open start question, the time has come for fans from all over the world to choose the most advantageous vacation packs for this exquisite trip. The Grand Slam Tour Hotel is only minutes away from the main Arenas as well as from a variety of renowned restaurants and shopping centres, and here are the most interesting and attractive vacation packs available for the upcoming event:

Premium Packages

For the Early Rounds, that will last 4 nights, between January 13 and January 17, the price for one person will be of $2,100. The Second and Third rounds, taking place between 16 and 20, will end up costing $2,400 per person. The Later Rounds will take place between January 19 and 23, and will cost $2,700. As for the Final Rounds which will take place from January 25 to January 29, the price per one person will be of $3,500.

The Most Advantageous Vacation Packages For The Australian Open 2018

Luxury Packages

All though a bit more expensive, the offers within the Luxury Vacation Packages are still pretty decent and affordable taking into consideration the size of this world-class tennis event as well as the services offered. Thus, for the Early Rounds, the price per one person will be of $2,950 for 5 nights and of $3,875 for 6 nights, while for the Second and Third Rounds, of $5,450. The Later Rounds will cost $5,975 for 6 nights’ accommodation, while the final rounds, $7,275.

Included in the Price

Besides the Tournament Access differences between the two types of vacation packages, both will include the following perks, with no additional charges:

  • Hotel accommodation plus daily breakfast;
  • Seats in the 1st Category
  • Attendance to the welcome dinner, where past champions will be present too;
  • Attendance to the farewell dinner;
  • A free tour of Melbourne City;
  • Possibility of playing tennis at the Kooyong Lawn Club;
  • Special commemorative gifts from the house;
  • The possibility of benefitting from the services offered by the Grand Slam Tours Hosts.

The Most Advantageous Vacation Packages For The Australian Open 2018

Regardless of the type of pack chosen for this international tennis extravaganza, the Grand Slam Tours have always been the top accommodation provider for the Australian Open and thus, they are 100% centred on this extremely important event and dedicated to offering the ultimate and most pleasant experience.

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