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7 Of The Must Have Apps For Your Android Phone

Undoubtedly, android is ruling the smartphones scene. As a result, more and more apps are arriving to this platform. On the other hand, the iOS platform is making waves too but we cannot ignore the acceptability and familiarity of users with android.

This is 2017, and one can easily say that android has more users than iOS. There can be a number of reasons for this but since our reliability on apps have gravely increased, we must know what android apps are a must have. Read on below to find out.

1.      Comics

If you are a comic geek than this app should be your go to app in the play store. Heck, on a number of occasion people do not even have comic book stores in their area. Therefore, you need not to worry anymore, as Comics app is here to feed your comic reading appetite. The app is free to use.

Comics app come from the house of digital comics groundbreakers, namely Comixology. The app is available in the form of both storefront format and long box. You will be amazed at the number of titles this app packs. You can even purchase new books, which are a single tap away. Many people are unable to quench their thirst for comic books due to going low on their wallets. Well, this may just be the anti-dote.

2.      Evernote

Evernote, oh what can I tell you about Evernote. I am an avid user myself. With Evernote, you can have at your disposal a great list keeper, voice recorder, note taker, Web clipper and a to-do manager all jammed into one and that is not bad at all. See, that is the convenience of using Evernote.

Now since it packs too many features, for those of you who will be starting out. It can get overwhelmingly hectic. With the passage of time, you can find it easier to use and navigate. Trust me it grows on you. Out of the many features, the one that stands out is optical character recognition (OCR). The OCR lets you search the text in the images, have you heard of such a thing before. Therefore, the next time you get a business card just take a snapshot of it and throw it away.

3.      Freedly

There was a time when Google Reader made waves on the internet but that time has now passed. If reading news and blog posts on phone is your thing then you best choose Freedly for your android. Freedly is quite a versatile forum which allows you to do all your reading through the use of this single app.

Another pick but more on the magazine side, is Flipboard. I can personally vouch for Flipboard. It is a great way to connect all your social media account and the app will bring you all the news and stories together in a magazine like format. Not that it does not have offering of its own but it gels everything together. You can save articles for later reading, follow others’ magazines and create your own as well.

4.      Google Drive

Google drive is your online storage or as is dubbed – cloud storage. It is free but with a few extra bucks, you can get additional storage should you deem it necessary. With Google drive, you can access your important files and documents anywhere and anyplace.

It also offers you the chance to create fresh spreadsheets, presentations, and offers the possibility of sharing them with others. Oh and in the case, you have forgotten, it lets you do it right from the comfort of your smartphone. The desktop version is better but the app version is not falling behind either.

5.      Inbox by Gmail

This is simply your mail app. The faster the emails gained momentum the faster their significance has become lost. Back in the day checking your inbox was the fun thing to do but now countless number of emails rest in your inbox.

We all go there to check every occasionally to find out if something of value has graced our inboxes but rarely do we find anything of importance. With Inbox by Gmail, it has been a renaissance. For your android, this is one of the finest apps. Now, instead of ignoring certain emails, the Inbox lets you manage your emails in fast and efficient manner.

Best feature about Inbox is its facility to group bundle of your emails category wise such as finance, shopping and low priority. On the iOS, the app has a ditto feel, not much difference.

6.      LastPass

We are all aware of why should we be using a unique and a complex password. It helps, the quick answer is. However, remembering such passwords for a variety of accounts can be a cumbersome job and no, you cannot write each one of them down. It is risky, that is why.

In comes LastPass, which in truth is a password manager. It enables you to generate unique/complex passwords for every website and application. When it is time to log in, LastPass will fill in the correct credentials and you are good to go!

There is also a feature where you can setup/choose a guardian for yourself whereby in the case of your untimely demise the passwords are safe with the person you trust. The services are free to avail; however, if you were to use it on more than one device, it is going to cost you.

7.      PicsArt Photo Studio

The first thing that comes to mind concerning great photo editing is Instagram application on your phone. Well, if I had not knew, this would be my answer too but sir, you are mistaken because where Insta ends PicsArt Photo Studio begins. This app is not only limited to mere filters but also packs a ton of photo editing tools. Double the fun and share your PicsArt creations on Instagram later.

Author bio: Arabella is a professional author and you can contact him in order to buy assignment service UK . He is a foodie and loves to blog about tech and gadgets. For updates, you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.


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