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Secret Ways Of Using Google Which Is Good To Know For The Research Students

Being a student is always a struggle for finding the best resources for the searching. The expectations of schools and colleges from the student are way more than its potential that is why they need other platforms from where they can fulfil the expectations of their academic institutes. Out of the different platforms, the Google is the widely used portal which every student in the world use for his academics. Google is undoubtedly the best search engine in the world which has multiple answers of your every question related to your academics. Though, the multiple answers are helpful for the students are also the cause of confusion for many.

I also faced the same confusion in my student life but thanks to my skills of researching, I also find the secret ways of using the Google which majority of the students doesn’t know. Now I am a professional blogger and writer; I am using my writing skills to educate the students of this era about those secret ways of using Google which is going to change your methods of searching anything on the Google.


I am sure you would not even think how much just these two letters “or” can help you out in your educational career. The algorithm of the Google is advanced enough that small acts like adding “or” in the search query can help you a lot in the searching on Google. This is the simple step which can help you in getting out from the confusions between two terms or theories. All you have to do just add the word “or” in between the two words or terms in which you have confusion and Google will show you the result based on the comparison of both the terms.

Include synonyms in your searching:

Do not open dozens of Google tabs in your Google Chrome to do multiple searches at the same time. Most of the student instead of searching the things one by one they try to save their time by opening too many tabs which make them confuse and in the end waste the time which they were trying to save. The reason why students do such things is that they are not sure about the words that they use in their searching. That is why they search the same thing with multiple different words. To save them from all these pointless efforts, let me tell you another secret way of searching on the Google which is going to save the students of  law dissertation from wasting their time on the wrong searches on Google. All you have to do is to add “~” in between the terms and Google will show the results of all the possible synonym words in just one Google search engine result page.

To find the lost things:

It happened a lot with the students, and I am sure you will also agree with me. Being a student, you must read many articles or the tutorials on the internet which fade out from your mind with the time. And now in the days of your exams, you need that article again which you read months ago, but you hardly recall the complete phrase of that article to search on the Google. You are trying to search it but all you are getting different things instead of what you need. If you also face such things, then I have good news for you. I know a way through which you can find that lost article or tutorial again using one or two words from the title of that article or tutorial. All you have to do is to write “AROUND” and the approximate numbers of words which you are missing from the complete phrase. The Google will show you the result only using those words that you type and the using the number of words which you add after writing “around”.

Quick Searching:

Now you know how to search the article and the tutorial with the missing words in the phrase. But what would happen when you only know the URL of the website and a single word from the title of the article which you need to read to complete your article. Don’t worry, Google knew this could happen, and they did some alteration in their search algorithm to provide you with a better service. All you have to do is to type the URL of the website from which you are certain you saw that article in that website and just type the word you recall from the title of that article. The Google will show you the result which you need in a fraction of a second. And will also showoff by showing thousands of more results which will do nothing except wasting your time.

Final Words:

The Google has a motive of making education possible for everyone that is why it is trying to make it searching method as easy as possible. With just right knowledge and practice you can save plenty of time for you which can help you in your academic studies because time is the only factor which students doesn’t have in substantial quantity.

Author Bio:

Joe Pirest is not only Master in Literature from the University of Hertfordshire but also a master when it comes to writing on the use of technology in the education. He not only known for his blogs and article on different niches but also for the writing services that he provide, and students take his dissertation help.


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