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5+ Websites That Will Make Your College Scholarships Search Easier

Finding the right scholarship program to apply for can be challenging for any student. Sometimes it’s even a challenge to find a scholarship per se. There are however some websites that will make your search a bit easier. It’s just a matter of finding these and many students may not even know that it exists. The internet is so full of information, that if you do not use the right keywords, you might never come across any of these websites.

Well, I am going to make the search process a bit easier for you. Many students learn about scholarships through word of mouth, or a direct connection between the school and institutions offering scholarships. There are also a lot of private companies that offer great scholarship programs and can be less competitive than your bigger brands. Here are 5 websites you can use to start your scholarship search.

  1. Fastweb

This website is fantastic for any type of rewards and is a great place to start for any student trying to find that scholarship. It may be time to find that statement of purpose for scholarship writing service, because you are going to need it soon.

  1. Cappex

Students usually find this website effective in searching for a college that suites them best. Before you delete that account after finding the college, you can also use it to find good scholarship programs. What I like about this website is the financial advice given, which every student can use. There is just a wealth of information and a lot of scholarship programs listed. This is one of those websites every student should register on.

  1. Scholarships

The name of this website might be very obvious, but sometimes we try to overthink things and miss the good ones. This website is specifically offering you a list of scholarships you can apply for. Why not give it a try? There are many websites that promise a lot, but do not have much information relating to your search. This website does not under promise and it is possible to find the perfect scholarship program for your study needs. Your scholarship sop is one of the most important essays you’ll have to write and should be given extra attention when applying for a scholarship.

  1. CollegeNet

If you are looking for updates on new scholarships coming through, you want to check out this websites. Sometimes you forget to check or do not know where to check for new scholarships, but CollegeNet got you covered. There is also a forum on this website for students to communicate with each other and share tips on finding the perfect scholarships. Sometimes you will hear about a new scholarship program on the forums, so it is a great place to sign up.

  1. SallieMae

There was a time when this website was solely for loans to buy houses or help students find financial aid. These days, you can find a ton of available scholarships on the website. You will be chosen based on your future career choice. Include this information in your statement of purpose for scholarship to stand a better chance of being selected. Never choose a scholarship just to get financial help, but choose one that already aligns with your future goals.

  1. Zinch

This might be one of the new kids on the blog, but not to be underestimated at all. I love the filter system on the website, so that you only receive results for scholarships you actually stand a chance of winning. The scholarships on there is not only for traditional colleges, but also for vocational training, if that is what you want to do. There is no discrimination and every student can find an opportunity to suit their needs.


Never give up on finding funding for your studies. I wish money was not such a big factor when it comes to education, but you can eliminate that factor by getting a scholarship. Student loans have become impossible to pay back and a scholarship is always the better option. There are scholarships offered in most industries and it is just a matter of time before you find the one that is just right for you. Make sure you give the sop your all and try and not leave any achievements out. It is such a balance to show off your skills, without sounding arrogant. You have to find that balance if you want to be successful. Show the committee why you are the best candidate for their scholarship program. Good luck on the journey to finding a scholarship that is willing to take a chance on you. Prove yourself to be worthy and then do your best when you are successful. Nothing can stop you from building a great future.


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