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The "Must Do” Chores To Keep Your Body Fit During Pregnancy

The “Must Do” Chores To Keep Your Body Fit During Pregnancy

Stupid scale.

Pregnancy and scales do not mix.

Weight gain during pregnancy is inevitable, but that does not mean that you cannot stay in shape and feel good in your own skin while growing a tiny human. Your body will change, and it is a good thing during this time, but it doesn’t mean that you feel good about it. You can help yourself love pregnancy by continuing your workouts and keeping your body healthy.

As a pre/post-natal exercise specialist, and a mom of five young kids, I have heard (and understand) the begging behind the voices asking, “Will I get me body back?” The only answer to this question is quite simple: You will never truly lose your body. This body is yours. It will still be yours after you have a baby. Your job is to have the healthiest pregnancy you can, and to keep yourself healthy throughout the journey. There are however, several key elements to include while pregnant to keep your body in its best shape, and to give you the best starting point postpartum to get back into great shape.

Must-Do Chores to Keep Fit Throughout Pregnancy

Educate Yourself

Working out while pregnant is not dangerous if you are having a healthy pregnancy. While some exercises are questionable, nothing is truly out of the picture if you have been doing it up to this point of your life. The important thing is to be smart and understand what the research says. If you lift weights three days a week, research says that it is still safe – and even important for you to continue to do so while pregnant. If you have just started working out, learn the best ways to continue and progress your workouts while feeling comfortable and safe in doing so.

Continue Your Routine

The first trimester is exhausting, and it often causes many women to fall off the exercise wagon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jump right back on at any time. Your body is capable of continuing your routine and will benefit greatly in the energy department from doing so.

Work Out Early in the Day

Pregnancy will drain you. If you push your workout until the end of the day, you will likely choose an earlier bedtime (or dinner time) in leu of breaking a sweat. Forcing yourself to get that workout in early in the day will help you have more energy to handle all the hours from morning until sleep time, help you make healthier food choices, and keep your body feeling stronger, longer.

Listen to Your Body

There will be days when your body just says, “NO.” If you were supposed to finish a 5k, but wake up with your body yelling at you, listen to your body! You aren’t going to be a hero if you complete a task against your body’s will. Don’t fight your gut feelings. If your heart isn’t into it, but you are feeling okay, try to get some form of exercise in. Getting your heart-rate up will help lift your mood, too! Simple walking can do the trick on rough days.

Slowly Do More (if Possible)

Make your walks a little faster paced or longer. Take an extra exercise class. Pregnancy does not mean that you have to slow down. Staying fit and (safely) pushing yourself will help your recovery process tremendously.

Take Yoga

Practicing yoga forces you to slow down, listen to your body, and bond with your growing baby. The stretching aspect will help reduce pregnancy ailments; the meditation aspect will help prepare you for labor. If you can find a prenatal yoga class, you may even meet a friend who will help keep you motivated to come back each week!

Stay Happy

Happiness helps the body stay healthy. Reduce stress in all areas of your life that you can and focus on the happiness this pregnancy is bringing you. The body responds best when the mind is decluttered and content.


The body needs sleep to recover from workouts, but it craves sleep even more while pregnant. Do not deny yourself extra shut-eye.

Drink Water

You need to drink more water while pregnant, and when you factor your workouts in, you realize that you should just be attached to a water bottle. Listen to your body and stay hydrated to avoid unnecessary ailments, dehydration, and possible problems caused by dehydration.

Eat Well

Avoid sugar and processed foods, and make sure toe at high-quality proteins and high-quality fats. Look at your food choices and remember that you are not actually eating for two, but that you are eating to fuel your body. Stick with whole foods and locally sourced meats. Eat when you are hungry, but learn what your cravings mean instead of giving in to each one. Excess weight gain means excess postpartum weight, and it is not fun to work off 6 months of ice-cream after giving birth!


Elizabeth is a researcher, author, and content writer for My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear – one of the best online stores for the unique baby shower gifts like gender reveal kit, recordable stuffed animals and many more. She spends her days as the ringleader of a never-tiring circus; one full of tightrope walkers, Nerf-gun shooters, mess makers, and danger-seekers. She exists on toddler kisses, caffeine, and tears of (panic) happiness. Read healthy pregnancy blog to find out the dos and don’ts and other important things about pregnancy.
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