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6 Famous Chat Points in Delhi

Delhi is synonymous with shopping streets offering plates of mouth watering deep fried potato with a flavor of green chutney, tamarind chutney, and spiced yoghurt. Along with its budget-friendly Indian shopping sites, the city has become a centre of attraction for chat lovers from all walks of life. That crunchy papdi dipped in chutney and gol gappa filled with flavored water takes your taste buds to a different world. Aloo chat, corn chat, gol gappa chat, bhalla chat, and papdi chat are some of the top varieties served in Delhi. If you are travelling from Hyderabad to Delhi, then you can find flight tickets from Hyderabad to Delhi on Yatra at reasonable prices.

Like every other service provider, there are popular chat places in Delhi that will leave you to crave for an extra papdi.

Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar, Chandni Chowk:

Popular among the local people for the traditional flavor that it offers in its aloo papdi chat, Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar is one of the best chat eateries in Chandni Chowk offering crispy dough wafers filled with chick peas, curd, and tamarind chutney. The unique flavor of the chat comes when it is garnished with green chutney, saunth, and ginger. It is said that the same chat flavor cannot be found anywhere in the city. You can grab a meal for two under Rs. 100. You can locate it at 1462, Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi.

Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar, Chandni Chowk:

Standing opposite to McDonald’s, Lala Babu Chat Bhandar is another small yet popular chat food junction on the streets of Chandni Chowk. You can savour lip smacking gol gappas, dahi bhalle, fruit chat, pao bhaji, samosas, kachoris and tikkis. With plenty of chat delicacies to offer, this place pays for every penny you spend, and you end up licking your fingers.

Prabhu Chaat Bhandar, Shahjahan Road

Another popular chat point in Delhi, Prabhu Chaat Bhandar is also known as UPSC Chaat Wala. Serving for more than 28 years, it offers aloo tikki garnished with tamarind and mint chutney. You can also serve your taste buds, with chilled Pista Kulfi topped with Faluda, if tikki gets too hot. So, now it’s time to join the queue outside the stall. You can get a plate of two tikkis at just Rs. 100.

Bitto Tikki Wala, Pitampura

Famous for lip smacking chat, Bitto Tikki Wala is popular as BTW in North and West Delhi. A perfect mix of meethi and pudina chutney with the flavor of pomegranate pearls over the tikki and papdi can be savored here. Along with this, you can also grab a meal of South Indian dishes likes Idli, Dosa, Pav Bhaji, and Vadas. You can have a meal for two at just Rs. 120.

Raju Chaat Bhandar, Bharat Nagar

Offering one of the most delicious Bhalla papri chat, Raju Chaat Bhandar is in Bharat Nagar. Your wait in the queue serves best in the plate of chat and aloo tikki. This chat point is tempting for chat lovers’ due to the flavors of meethi and pudina chutney. From 11:00 am to 11:00 pm, it keeps serving chat with the same essence.

Bishan Swaroop Fruit Chaat Corner

A must-visit roadside stall located somewhere in the busy bylanes of Chandni Chowk is known as ‘a gem lost in a heap of rag’. Fruit chat, aloo chat, Shakar Kandi chat and aloo ke kulle are some of the famous options served here. Do not think twice if you crave for the second one; just have it.

So, make sure you do not miss these chat spots on your next visit to Delhi. Also, if you are looking for Hyderabad to Delhi Air Ticket, you can find flight tickets from Hyderabad to Delhi on Yatra at the best prices.


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