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Are Pet Doors Energy Efficient?

Installing doors for pets has many benefits for pet owners and pets alike. However, sometimes, they may cause your heating or air conditioning bills to increase during the winter or summer seasons. Now, you might ask if there is anything you can do to solve this issue. Are there doors for animals that are more energy efficient? Well, the answer to that question is a resounding “yes.”

You will find that these pet doors provide the same benefits as regular doggy doors would. Moreover, there’s an added benefit of cutting down electricity costs. On the other hand, if you do not have one installed yet, then let us enlighten you on how you can improve your pet’s and your own way of living with dog doors.

Benefits of Having Doors for Pets

According to industry experts, doggy doors provide several benefits on the health of your pet. With one installed, your pets can have the option to go outside whenever “nature calls.” It is important to know that it is uncomfortable and unhealthy for your pets to hold their bladder for long periods of time. With the freedom to go outdoors anytime they want, your pet will be able to exercise and stay fit and active.

Pets have to be healthy not only physically, but also mentally. With pet doors, they can go outside and find several things that can stimulate their brain. Doing so will help keep them alert and mentally active. Aside from that, you can also avoid problems caused by boredom. It is worth noting that when dogs are bored, they tend to form unhealthy habits such as excessive barking and compulsively chewing items in your home, including the telephone or the furniture. It goes without saying that having the freedom to go out will improve your pet’s overall health and attitude.

Another benefit your pet can get from having their own door is safety. Don’t you always feel guilty leaving your dog or cat behind whenever you go to work? How would you feel if, at the middle of the day, you read the news saying that there’s fire in your neighbourhood? Now, having a dog door installed provides your pet with the opportunity to escape in case of emergencies like fire or a dangerous intrusion. When they go out, they also have the freedom to go back inside when the weather gets unpredictable.

On the other hand, having a door installed for your pet also provides several benefits to you, the pet owner. First of all, you wouldn’t have to worry about scratched walls or doors. Your cats can go outside and find an appropriate tree to scratch their paws on. Moreover, your dogs won’t have to constantly scratch the door when they want to go outside. With the option to play and run outside, your pets will cause fewer accidents in the house. Aside from those, your dog will be able to check outside whenever they hear unusual noises. Consequently, they can scare off intruders.

Energy Efficient Dog Doors

Now that we’ve discussed all the benefits you and your pet can get from having a doggy door, let us now talk about energy efficient doors for pets.There are specific ways to make a pet door energy efficient. For wooden doors, you can use magnetic stripping to make the fit as tight as possible. You can also use core materials inside the door, including fibreglass and polyurethane foam. On the other hand, for glass doors, you can ask your contractor to use install two panes of specifically coated glass. For better insulation, there should be non-toxic gas between them.

What makes up an Energy Efficient Dog Door

An ideal door for your pet should be energy efficient and at the same time, it should work well with your own door. Moreover, your dog door should be flexible enough to safely accommodate the goings and comings of your pet. For it to be efficient, it should have the capability to be easily locked down when you want to keep your pet indoors and when you want to keep wild animals out during night time. You will find that there are doors for pets that are easy to install. Some may allow you to simply prop and lock the pet door in place. However, there are still some that require you to hire a professional for installation.

Qualities of an Energy Efficient Pet Door

• Has proper insulation
• Works perfectly regardless of the temperature
• Can be sealed securely against harsh weather conditions
• Durable enough to withstand strong winds

Two Types of Energy Efficient Doors for Pets

You have two options when it comes to installing a pet door. The most common type of pet door is the door-mounted doggy door. The biggest advantage to the traditional type of dog door is the fact that you can install it easily. You can even go to YouTube and find several tutorial videos on installing one. The primary disadvantage to this option is it doesn’t have the same flexibility that a wall-mounted pet door can offer. You can only install it on exterior doors so you have to note that the options for where you let your pet outside will be limited.

The other option for installing an energy efficient pet door is mounting it to the wall. Most people do not even know that this can be an option. However, it is worth noting that mounting a pet door to the wall provides you more possibilities. The options for where your pets can come and go will not be limited to human doorways. However, the main disadvantage to this option is the fact that installing one can be more complicated. In some cases, you may not be able to do it on your own and you may have to hire a professional to install the pet door for you.
There are many benefits to installing a separate door for your pets. Moreover, if you do your research and look for steps in installing an energy efficient door, you may even cut down your heating and air conditioning bills.

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