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Top 10 Android App Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

Android ecosystem is booming with the advent of Android app development technologies. Various tech trends are coming to augment the Android technologies in 2017 and coming year. The current post is meant to give some introductions only.

With the highest numbers of app and record breaking downloads in Google Play Store, Google has won the battle of the mobile app market. Android OS has a huge user base and providing or say leading the market trends for mobile applications and allied technologies.

If you are a smart business or profession, you should keep an eye on upcoming technology trends in the software and IT niches to grab the most out of it. Therefore, we have initiated the current post to list top ten Android app development trends to watch out for the current year, 2017.

1 – Android Instant Apps (Progressive Web Apps)

Android instant app is nothing but revealing progressive web app concept in other words. Technically, the progressive web app is a single page website working in a browser and has capabilities to record the preferences of the user in the same account/browser.

Based on the preferences and web usage, it keeps offline storage of web application components. Gradually, it turns the web application into a fully functional web app working offline, and all included mobile devices.

The most attracting thing about Android instant app is the highly personalized experiences it offers. Therefore, the user can run only required features without installing the entire Android app on the device.

The future tech advancements may overcome it pitfalls so we would able to leverage its advantages in our favor easily. Therefore, it is upcoming trends to follow for a startup or an app entrepreneur.

2 – Android Al-Assistant (Machine Learning)

Android Al Assistant

The iPhone users use Siri while Android users use voice assistance, and these are some of the mini examples of artificial intelligence concept. Today we have advanced analytics technologies, cognitive interfaces into highly intricate systems, and machine learning algorithms are building components of big scale artificial intelligent systems.

Therefore, after seeing a wide range of scopes in A.I. niche, the Giants on the technology fronts like Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, and others have acquired AI startups in the market.

If you are a progressive business and think of leveraging AI trends, adapt AI technologies in your next Android app development projects, as it may prove a worthy investment.

3 – Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things

Two advancements in technologies have pushed the development of IoT concept further. M2M technologies where machines are communication with each other and humans can manage their operations through software. Another development is cloud computing where Big Data like unstructured data generated by machines could be managed and stored in NoSQL databases using cloud storage and processed further for useful consumptions of the data.

Now, our civilizations are leading towards making smart homes, smart offices, and smart factories to work intelligently and without any interferences of humans but robots.

IoT hardware and software anyhow are relying on smartphone/tablet apps to operate, data presentation, and other purposes. Moreover, Android OS has gained capabilities to penetrate into IoT application niches.

Therefore, future of Android apps is better and may come with new IoT opportunities to explore.

4 – Wearables


Despite the failure of Google Glass, Android is marching ahead in other wearable device areas like smart watches, smart body bands, smart clothes, smart shoes, and so on to leverage advent of the sensor and wearable hardware technologies.

However, wearable applications and devices must rely on mobile apps, so Android apps are getting trendy among the wearable waves.

5 – Increased Emphasis on UX (Material Design)

Material Design

The market is in stiff competitions, and tech innovations alone can hardly amuse the users. It is UX factors along with tech innovations can lure the users, engage them, and convert them.

Therefore, the next wave in Android app development is focusing on delivering the excellent user experiences in all Android apps intended to achieve success. Now, Android app development team must have UX designers or developers to aid the UX infusion at each stage of development.

6 – Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality

Recently, we have experienced the buzz of Pokemon Go games based on virtual reality or augmented reality technological advancements. Apart from the games, there are several other application areas where AR can help businesses, professionals, and people by-and-large to accomplish unimaginable functions.

For instance, guide a car driver through AR interface overlapped on the real world things, instead of mere maps. Ways, or routes, just like the sci-fi movies.

7 – Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

Android Pay is a payment solution for modern days with required security, desired speed, and convenience. Moreover, Groupon Domino and Open Table-like leading initiatives in the payment solution niche are hopes for Android app developers and app users to make safe and fast transactions through Android apps and devices.

In 2015, Google had introduced container security solutions for Android OS based devices and started focusing on more securities. Today, security technologies are going to make Android apps and devices users comfortable anywhere and with any scale of transactions through mobile devices without fearing of insecure connectivity networks.

8 – Swift Mobile App Development

We know that the majority of Android apps are falling in some common categories in the sense of features and functionality they required to function normally. Therefore, software is ready to give development charges in the hands of power users by giving drag-n-drop like interface where coding requirements are almost nil.

Thus, Android app development would come much faster and cheaper than before. Android developers have more room to justify high-end and custom Android app development.

9 – Beacons & Location Based Services (LBS)

Location Based Services

LBS apps are now in high demand due to the advent of GPS and Beacon like technologies to offer accurate and innovative location-based services.

LBS is aiding the fleet and transportation industries a lot while Beacon technology is proving blessings for the retailers, concerts, museums, rail and air stations, and events where big marketing opportunities are waiting to be explored through micro-location reliant services.

10 – M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce)

Mobile Commerce

Card sweeping technologies, cloud based wallets, and other mobile based tech advancements have pushed mobile commerce opportunities on the sky! Today we have tons of m-commerce application areas with the combinations of cloud services, Android apps, and Android OS based wearable applications/devices to explore.


Today mobiles have a huge audience, and the Android OS has lion share in it. Moreover, Google and its open source favoring partners have made right attempts to augment Android platform further by powering it with innovative and useful technologies to aid in human life in near and far future.

The above listed top 10 Android app development trends are nothing but some tips of the iceberg in a big ocean of upcoming technologies to transform the life of humankind.

Author Bio:

Tarang Vyas is a head of development team at Perception System, the leading android application development company. He has been in the industry for 15 years.


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